Blockchain-powered crypto funds

CoinAlpha uses blockchain technology to make actively managed crypto funds more cost-efficient, transparent, and available to all.

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Low fees + minimums

Because our funds use blockchain technology to eliminate middlemen like administrators and custodians, we can pass on cost savings to investors

Daily liquidity

Investors can enter and exit our funds each day at the prevailing Net Asset Value, providing daily access to capital invested with CoinAlpha

Full transparency

All fund inflows, outflows, and NAV calculations are published on the blockchain, so investors always have access a non-tamperable audit trail

How a blockchain-powered fund works
A smarter way to build a crypto allocation

Machines can trade better than humans

Investing in digital currencies can provide attractive returns and diversify an existing portfolio, but buying outright means being exposed to extreme price swings. Our algorithms run 24/7 to capture upside while preserving capital in downturns, so investors can sleep soundly at night.

Industry-leading security best practices

We have pioneered crypto security standards, such as modular, upgradeable smart contract design and maximizing usage of cold storage wallets. In addition, we navigate complex situations like hard forks to maximize value for investors.

Cost efficiency via blockchain technology

By using blockchain-based smart contracts to process all fund-related transactions and log a replayable audit trail, we eliminate the need for administrators, accountants, and other third-parties. This enables lower fees, lower minimums, and daily liquidity for investors.

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